Dark Passion – Nightwish Tribute im Roxy Concerts Flensburg

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Flensburg Szene

(CIS-intern) – Dark Passion werden das Roxy Concert gleich Anfang Februar in einen Nightwish Hexenkessel verwandeln. Wer oderw as ist Dark Passion? Hier ihre Original Pressemeldung:

Dark Passion – Nightwish Tribute started in 2010, when a couple of friends discovered their shared interest and passion for playing the songs of Nightwish.
We dedicated our time and energy to rehearse enough Nightwish songs to play a number of small concerts. After some lineup changes, things really took off, and in the beginning of 2012 we played 3 concerts at major venues in Denmark, all of them very well received by audiences and critics alike.Dark Passion is now firmly set to play a number of shows all over Scandinavia in the years to come.In our setlist we present a wide variety of vocal styles, from the classical and operatic
Nightwish as it started, to the more modern and rock-oriented Nightwish of today.

Foto: Presse Dark Passion

With a selection of songs from Imaginaerum added to the setlist, we now cover an even broader range of symphonic metal.
We are certain we can give audiences an unforgettable experience with new and old Nightwish songs with our lineup, both music and vocal wise!
Welcome to the world of Dark Passion – Nightwish Tribute!

9.2.2013 – 20 Uhr
Roxy Concerts Flensburg

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