Kühlhaus Flensburg – Auf ins Fantasy Psyland mit Ov Silence Rec.

Datum der Veranstaltung: 19. Oktober 2013 | Add to Flipboard Magazine.
Flensburg Szene

(CIS-intern) – Am 19. Oktober 2013 öffenen sich die heiligen Hallen des Flensburger Kühlhauses wieder für das Fantasy Psyland. Zu unserer Freude dürfen wir wieder das Hambrger Label Ov-Silence begrüßen, das einen Großteil seiner Acts mitbringt. Unter anderem sind dabei live, Neuropipes (Ov-Sillence),Expect (Ov-Silence) und die Djs Ov-Silence Oli, Diepsyden (Ov-Silence) Murus (Landmark rec.) & Tamahuka (Ov-silence). Das ganze wird Visuell unterstützt von Grenzfrequenz e.V..
20 Years of Techno, Trance and Party!.. ..My first contact to electronic music was while the first acid house wave in the end of the 80’s. But my real love to electronic music grows up in the early 90’s were one of my best friends „Aris“, with 17 years already worked as resident dj at the „Brainstorm“ on the Reeperbahn the red light district of Hamburg. .. ..

In 1992/1993 the „Tunnel Club“ opened, where i met Sascha and Christian (later known as Bitmonx) the first time. Over many years we visited many parties together. In the beginning only in hamburg, but fast we realized that there was more and other interesting electronic music on parties in other cities. so we moved to parties like „The first Tribal Gathering in Munich@Airport/Riem“ and many times to the „Hanomag“ in Hannover where we got more changing Dj’s and Styles as in hamburg. Especially the Steve Masen Nights were our favourite… ..In 1993 i had my first contact to psytrance on a party at the 5thfloor of a warehouse in the south of hamburg. Many years later i met one of the organisers Marco – now a good friend of mine and one of the people of my crew, who takes care of the juice club today…

..In 1994, i was living with my flat mate Sascha aka Bitmonx and nowadays one part of „Haske & Johnson“, we start to spin vinyls and collect records. In the beginning all kinds of techno and trance music. But after a few years my focus went from techno and hardtrance over acidtrance more and more to the psychedelic trance, because there was the most progression developement in that time and of cause because of the energy and the people on that kind of parties… ..In the last years i talked with friends several times where we asked ourself: where is the spirit and why are the parties so different?.. ..I think one reason is that all the most of the people felt the same in that time, like a kind of shy’ness: ..

..„We all are new on this kind of parties, because it’s a total new thing. But we know, that this is only the beginning! Electronic Music has the power to change the world!“ .. ..Today the new generations are growing up with not countable styles of techno – it’s a normal, established thing. Not more a special thing for a small amount of knowing people… ..Back to my dj-life:.. ..In the beginning i never thought about to become a professional dj. Also as i start to organise parties in 1998 i never booked myself for playing. .. ..i’ll add a text with the history about my work as ov-silence party promoter and owner of the Traxx & Roxx Club as well as the Juice Club and ov-silence Records soon…

..After a few years and many parties later i got more and more invitations to play at small familiar parties. Now, over the years i played at many clubs and hugh festivals all over europe like VooV Experience, Fusion Festival, Tshitraka Project, Aurora Festival (Greece), L.I.F.E Festival (Ireland) or Arvika Festival in Sweden only to name a few… ..Cause off the long time while i’m into techno music i play different styles of trance and techno but always psychedelic. .. ..On the one hand i play minimal trance, electro and progressive techno and on the other i play from progressive over psytrance up to full on. I love it to combine different styles in my sets and the selection always depends on time and crowd…

..For booking request send me a mail!.. ..Boom, oli.

19. Oktober 2013 ab 23 Uhr
Kühlhaus Flensburg
Eintritt 8 Euro

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